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    Learn to Play Golf the Simple Way

  • A Look Inside Golf Simple Key's to Consistency

    The First Key to Consistency

    Natural Grip

    The first step in playing golf consistently well is putting your hands on the golf club the way they naturally want to go on the club. Every single person is different, and there are many different body types. Golf Simple can help you get your hands on the club naturally.

    The Second Key to Consistency

    Athletic Posture

    After getting our hands on the club the way they naturally want to go, we need to have athletic posture. Golf Simple has a 5 step process for getting into perfect posture every time.

  • Testimonials

    Real people who Golf Simple

    "Truly is the easiest way to play golf"

    Tom Benvenuto

    "After just two weeks of Golf Simple I am consistently breaking 80, I never thought I would have consistency like this on the course. I have never had more fun playing golf, this truly is the easiest way to play golf."

    "Never hit it better, ever!"

    Janet Karabin

    "I have played golf since I was a little girl and I have tried numerous teaching methods and training aids. But with Golf Simple I am playing the best golf of my life. I have never hit it better, ever!"

    "15 yards further, and straighter"

    Peter Lurie

    " I am 70 years old and have always been the shortest hitter in my group. After working with Golf Simple I am hitting it 15 yards further and straighter and I am now the envy of my group."

    "I love golf again"

    Rob Becker

    " I have struggled with this game for years, I love traveling and playing golf. Before I found Golf Simple I was on the verge of quitting because I was so frustrated. Now I love golf again, and I play more than ever because I am having so much fun.."

    "Best year playing as a professional"

    Eric Hartstein

    "Golf Simple is the most common sense approach to golf I have ever seen. It is easy to understand, and as a pro myself I know this could work for anybody. Golf Simple helped me have my best year playing as a professional, and I am excited for the years to come. "

    "Shoot in the 70's every time"

    Bev Griffith

    "My goal for several years has been to consistently shoot in the 70's. Although at times I felt close to doing that, I would always be inconsistent. With Golf Simple I now shoot in the 70's every time I play golf, and I cannot remember the last time I didn't break 80. "

  • About Golf Simple

    MISSION: To help people play better golf

    Enjoy Playing Golf More

    Playing golf consistently and hitting the ball well is a lot of fun. Golf Simple focuses on the core fundamentals of golf, and puts it into a simple system that any golfer can learn and repeat with success. The better you play golf, the more fun you will have.

    Increase Accuracy and Consistency

    Golf Simple is a fundamentally driven system to hitting the golf ball consistently. It focuses on using the big muscles in the swing, along with having the correct setup. The less moving parts in the golf swing, the easier it is to repeat.

    Easily Accessible

    Golf Simple can be accessed using any smart phone for a quick reference anytime on the course or the range.

  • How to Golf Simple

    The steps to a consistent golf game

    Step 1.

    Have the Fundamentals of Grip, Posture, Connection, Ball position, and Alignment in place because this is the foundation to a consistent golf game.

    Step 2.

    Disengage the small muscles. The hands hold on to the golf club very lightly, and the arms are as relaxed as they can be.

    Step 3.

    Engage the big muscles to swing the club. The shoulders lead the back swing (Left Shoulder), and the hips lead the downswing (Belt Buckle).

    Step 4.

    Develop a routine that can be repeated on every shot. If a golfer wants to be consistent, then the golfer has to be consistent.

    Step 5.

    Pick out a specific target to hit to on every shot, and visualize the ball flying right at the target chosen.

    Step 6.

    Have fun playing Golf!