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Fundamental 1: The Grip

4 steps for a better grip

· Fundamentals

1. Pad of left hand

Holding a golf club starts with the left hand and the pad of the left hand that is opposite to the thumb. This pad goes directly on top of the club.

2. Left Thumb

The left thumb sits just to right of the shaft, and pinches against the left index finger.

3. Life line of right hand

The right hand goes on with the lifeline of the right palm placed directly over the left thumb. The right palm should be facing straight in the direction of the intended shot

4. Hands as single unit

Wrap the fingers of the right hand around the club while letting the right thumb relax and sit just to the left of the shaft. Ultimately, both hands should act as a single unit.

Follow these simple steps to a better grip, and start hitting the ball more consistently. For more tips and instruction visit

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